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.:A.T.:. Shut Up, So I can Shoot You by NerdINC12
.:A.T.:. Shut Up, So I can Shoot You
 Took me aleast... five or six tries to do this. Dang.

 Art Trade with - xXTheLolliepopWolfXx 
 Panda Witch Madi - xXTheLolliepopWolfXx 
 Death the Kid - uh I'm pretty sure Funmation?
A Wild Sketch Appears by NerdINC12
A Wild Sketch Appears
 I'm really stressed at the moment, so why not submit some drawings from yesterday?

 Oh, and I am so surprised and happy from the feed back from the rewrite of Chaos High, you all gave me modivation to keep writting it, plus it made me so happy I almost cried. Thank you.
-Welcome to our school-

It was late at night in the Mobian high school, called Chaos Emerald High school. Though, the name was shortened due to the students behaviour; even one of the students crossed out “Emerald” on the sign in red paint. But, tonight was peaceful, the drama club was having their play they had at the start of every school year. This year’s play was “Aladin”, one of the great stories from “One Thousand and One Nights”.
One of the many honor students, Eva, sat down with the rest of the school’s band on the piano, waiting for her next music piece. Her violet cat eyes watched the performance up above with interest, this had to be one of her favorite parts of the year. Suddenly, the grey feline felt a tap on her back.
Turning around quickly, Ea saw the purple hedgehog Eris giving her a stern look. Silently hinting that it was close to Eva’s next piece. Eva nodded, before getting in position.

“Oh for the love of-... CLASS!! Quiet down, will you?” Ms. Clare, the math teacher, yelled out angrily.
Even though it took a few minutes, the lass became quiet. Happily Ms.Clare began to teach her large class, going on about the basics Alegra as a review. But, when the forty year old turned around, her hazel eyes narrowed.
“Amelia, would you please stop painting your nails in my class?!” Ms. Clare scolded the teen.
Amelia, her nickname Sundrop, hat her feet upon her desk, painting her nails. The way her legs were placed showed some of her underwear, due to her short skirt. The feline rolled her ocean blue eyes. “Why? This shit is boring anyway!” Amelia scoffed.
Ms. Clare mumbled a couple curses under her breath, before continuing with the lesson. She was fully aware that only half of her class was listening. She didn’t care about the people who weren’t, she let them fail on their own, so they could repeat and suffer the next year.
Why come to school if you don’t want to learn?

“Hello Kathy.” Eva greeted shyly, sitting next to her friend.
Upon hearing the cat, Kathy turned towards her friend. “Hello to you too, Eva.” She said with a smile.
“Read any good books lately?” Purplestar, who sat to the left of Kathy, asked calmly. Taking a bite out of ruby red apple, leaving imprints of her sharp teeth in the fruit.
Eva nodded happily, a small smile on her face. “Yes I have. The other day I read a book on ninjas,” this caught the bat’s full attention. “If you want you can borrow it.”
A giggle left Kathy’s lips, causing her lip gloss to shine. “I think she would like that.”
“Like that?” Jessie, who just sat beside Purplestar, chuckled happily. “Our batty friend would love that.”
Eva nodded, before reaching into her messenger bag and pulling out the book, handing it to Purplestar.
From across the table, Jessie noticed a spot on Eva’s shoulder, that looked like a sunburn. “Amelia still bullying you?” The albino tiger asked sadly.
Eva looked down, nodding slowly. Kathy placed her hand upon the grey cat’s shoulder. “I feel your pain, hun. I wish she wouldn’t bully you, like she does me.” The pink echidna said in a comforting tone.
“Amelia isn’t the nicest, but she’ll get what's coming to her soon!” Purplestar said, cheering up her friends a bit.
From a couple tables away someone was listening to the friends’ conversion.
“They’re talking about you.” Eris explained to Amelia, in an emotionless tone.
“Whatever…” Amelia said dully. “Just a bit longer until we can force the albino and blind one’s dark sides out. Then they can destroy this hell hole called a school.”
.:Chaos High:. Ch.1 rewrite
 Sorry, if this isn't the best. I'm at home sick at the moment.
 Though, tell me if you want me to continue this rewrite.

 Characters -
 Eris - XxCookie-SquirrelxX 
 Kathy and Purplestar - Kathy-the-echidna 
 Jessie - JessieTheTigger 
 Eva, Amelia, and Ms. Clare - me
 Hello reader;

 At the moment I'm in the mood to re draw something, so could you all help me by going in my gallery and seeing what you want me to redraw? Thank you.
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